New Products


Our Creativity and Innovation (C&I) team works tirelessly to pave the way towards future applications, energy efficient processes and sustainable packaging. Our research in material sciences has helped create viable solutions to innovative ideas through the creation of new structures and advanced finishes. We take pride in our ability to continually innovate new types of packaging solutions and welcome new design challenges. Our research and development efforts continue to win accolades in several forums and among customers across the globe. Some of Essel’s new patented innovations include: Egnite, Green Maple Leaf and Etain.

Essel's IP (intellectual property) and C&I teams are committed to meticulously protecting and defending our intellectual property assets by patenting our innovative structures and processes.


We cater to the dynamic requirements of our customers and have always offered packaging with superior barrier properties, visual appeal, convenience and dispensability. Our services go beyond the identification of new products, applications and business categories. We emphasize a constant endeavor to improve existing technologies, products and processes. Our Creativity & Innovation team provides our employees with a platform to shape marketable products from winning ideas. Headed by a Global Director, the team consists of highly qualified and experienced scientists and technologists who create an intellectually stimulating environment and encouraging new concept creation.


Innovation in new technology plays a part in Essel's competitive advantage. At Essel, research is constantly underway to develop new products that help us to stay one step ahead of our customers' needs.


  • Age Therapy Gel

  • Thrive Face Wash

  • GoWodka

  • Hedda Pet Products

  • Summer Skin Essentials

Essel’s New Product Development team works with our clients from initial concept to final commercial production.