Extruded Plastic Tubes

Extruded plastic tubes offer an attractive and durable packaging solution for a variety of product lines.


Essel’s extruded plastic tubes are used to package high-end products in a wide range of industries including cosmetics, personal care and hair care. They offer enhanced shelf life and help create a unique product identity as well as an attractive and a durable packaging solution. From custom colored materials to high-end decoration techniques, Essel offers solutions that can be customized according to the specific needs of any product or market. Currently, Essel produces plastic tubes out of our Poland and India facilities with a variety of diameters and print decoration options, and can be easily brought in to our US facility to fulfill any needed plastic tube requirements for our client’s brand portfolio.


Monolayer options include LLDPE, LDPE, MDPE and HDPE. Multilayer options include co-extruded 2 layer sleeve, co-extruded 5 layer LLDPE sleeve with monolayer shoulder, and co-extruded 5 layer HDPE sleeve with monolayer shoulder. Decorations can be made available in up to 8 color offset (line & text, vignettes and illustrations), up to 6 colors silkscreen and metallic and pearlescent inks.

The first phase of the manufacturing process is extrusion. A mixture of resin and color concentrate is placed into an extruder hopper. The extruder is temperature controlled as the resin is fed through to ensure resin melts properly. The material is extruded through a set of sizing dies that are encapsulated within a right angle cross section attached to the extruder and the sleeve is then cooled with water and cut to the appropriate size. Afterwards, the head and orifice of the tube is compression molded onto the tube sleeve. After decorating, a conveyor transfers the tube to the capping station where the cap is applied and torqued to the customer's specifications. The tube is then transferred to a conveyor belt and packed into a tray. The trays are packed into cartons that are sealed and ready for shipment.