We strive to manufacture the highest quality tube packaging through our in-house production of our laminate materials, closures, printing and tubing.


We strive to create and manufacture tube packaging to meet our customers needs. From cosmetics to shampoo, to toothpaste and food, the versatility of tubes is endless. We offer different barrier properties in our laminate material to protect the content of the tubes ensuring they are shielded from the environment and keeping the product inside fresh for the consumer. We manufacture our own laminate substrates made from FDA approved materials. This is important at Essel because it allows us to manage the quality and speed to market of our products to our clients. We also have in-house printing and caps and closure production to guarntee the most eye-appealing and the highest quality products for our customers.


There are countless reasons why tube packaging is your packaging solution. Tubes are versatile, portable, and user friendly. Their sleek body and the unlimited potential are additional reasons to chose tube packaging. From a more technical standpoint, tubes are hygienic, which prevents products from being exposed to the environment and ensuring its content is not compromised. In addition the tube will maintain the content's moisture and consistency. In conclusion, tube packaging provides the branding and reliability for our customers' objective.